Buy Token

Note: While GemsLab does not keep your encrypted private key, you should utilize a secondary wallet to get the most out of the Tool.

There are 6 parts in the Buy Token function you need to pay attention to:

  1. Accounts: You must select Account to use the tool to use BNB in your wallet to buy on Dxsale, if you use multiple wallets, remember to select all wallets.

  2. Token Address: Enter Contract of Token to buy

  3. Gas price: Gas price, the amount of BNB you are willing to pay to swap the Token sale order, the higher the gas, the faster the order will go, and vice versa

  4. Gas limit(gwei): The maximum amount of gas ready to pay to make a transaction, it is recommended to leave it at 800000 or higher

  5. BNB amount: Amount of BNB you want to buy

    Note: Even with Trade pair BUSD, still use BNB to buy

  6. Pool: To avoid losing money, please pay special attention to this section.

    Choose the trading pair in which the Token is traded: There will be two trading pairs: BNB - Token and BUSD - Token; you must choose the exact pair of Tokens being exchanged; if you are unsure, consult the Poocoin/Telegram project.

Example 1: Coin only has BNB pair, will have to choose Pair BNB - Token, if you choose to BUSD - Token will probably buy at a high price, buy at ATH :)))

Example 2: Coin only has BUSD pair, will have to choose BUSD - Token pair, if you choose to BNB - Token, you can buy at a high price, buy at ATH :)))

Example 3: Coin has both BNB and BUSD pairs, you can choose any pool

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