Auto Buy Dxsale

Note: While GemsLab does not keep your encrypted private key, you should utilize a secondary wallet to get the most out of the Tool.

Only for projects that have not been sold yet!

There are 5 main parts in the Dxsale interface you need to pay attention to:

*Note: If the project needs a whitelist, the wallet must be on the whitelist to be able to buy it.

  1. Accounts: You must select Account, then the tool can use BNB in your wallet to buy on Dxsale, if you use multiple wallets, remember to select all wallets.

  2. Presale URL: Enter Presale Address taken from Dxsale. After entering the Tool, it will show the Token sale start time and countdown to the sale time

  3. BNB Amount: Amount of BNB you want to buy.

  4. Gas price: The amount of BNB you're willing to spend to swap your Token sale order; the higher the gas, the faster the order will run, and vice versa.

  5. Gas limit (gwei): The maximum quantity of gas willing to pay in order to complete a transaction; it is advised that this be set to 250000 or higher. After finishing, wait 15-30 seconds for the countdown to reset, then press BUY to purchase or STOP to cancel the order.

Example with the project below:

When clicking on the Presale Address section, it will have the form:

Then 0x1A15C788c75a50c6EaEe30851D90a58d806c2f8D is the address to fill in the Presale URL.

Then Tools will display the start time and countdown to count down the project's sale start time. Continue to complete the BNB Amount, Gas Price and Gas limit entries and click Buy.

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